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Tips from Carpet Cleaning Experts

Common Carpet Care Mistakes That You Should Avoid  

Many people spend lots of time and effort shopping for the perfect carpets for their property. But, as a homeowner, remember that buying and installing your carpets is only half the battle! To avoid wasting your hard-earned money, you must also take good care of your floor coverings and make them last longer. Start by vacuuming your carpets once a week and having them professionally cleaned every six months (or more frequently if you have furry pets). Through regular carpet cleaning, you can keep your floor coverings free of dust and dirt, which can have an abrasive effect on carpet fibers, and put them through premature wear and tear.

Aside from cleaning your carpets regularly, you can also extend their lifespan by avoiding the following mistakes:

Ignoring spilled liquids

Since carpets are highly absorbent, you must keep them away from liquids at all times. But, if you really have to bring liquids near your floor coverings, you should at least be careful about spills and take action on them as soon as they happen. This way, you can prevent stains from forming on your carpets and keep them attractive and elegant for a long time. Already have some stains on your floor coverings? Call a carpet cleaning contractor who specializes in stain removals and let them take care of the job.

Using household cleaning products

If you spilled something on your carpets, or if they’re starting to look grungy and dirty, you might be tempted to use the cleaning products that you have on hand to restore the appearance of your floor coverings. However, this isn’t advisable since most household cleaners aren’t formulated for use on carpets, and using them can put your floor coverings at risk for damage. So, instead of attempting a DIY, it’s best to put your carpets in the hands of cleaning professionals. Worried about introducing chemical cleaners to your home? There’s no fret since you can ask your contractor to use green carpet cleaning products!

Stay away from these mistakes to keep your carpets in excellent condition! If you’d like to get more tips, or if you’re still looking for experts who can clean your carpets, you won’t go wrong with hiring Michael's Carpet Care Tile & Grout. Give us a call today at (972) 920-9404 to book an appointment with our team and take advantage of our green carpet cleaning services in McKinney, TX!

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