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Questions to Ask Green Carpet Cleaning Companies

Your carpets give your home an elegant look. It has always been a popular choice when people improve their homes and adds color to your rooms; however, when it comes to maintaining your carpets, it’s always better to hire the services of green carpet cleaning specialists. All carpets come in different types, designs, and styles. The more expensive ones are made of high-quality materials that need special powders or sprays to keep clean. When you’re about to pick the services of a carpet cleaner, there are 3 questions that are worth asking. These questions will ensure that you pick the available services to take care of your expensive carpets and rugs.

Do you work on a yearly contract basis?

You must hire a rug cleaning service that works o a contract basis. Yearly contracts will include three to four cleaning sessions. Often, the stress of looking for someone once a year is far better than looking for someone new every time you need carpet cleaners.

What kind of tools & agents do you use?

When you’re looking for carpet cleaners, you’ll have to do your research on the best kinds of products available to clean carpets. Artificial cleaners with too much bleach will harm the texture o your carpets. Natural carpet shampoos and sprays always work better. Ask questions based on the cleaning products the company uses. Look for a company that uses a variety of carpet cleaning products. With that, your carpets last longer. Talk to your local rug cleaner for more information!

Do the rates vary depending on the rug?

Other companies charged a fixed yearly fee, while others charge based on the size of your carpet. Others might even charge based on the number of carpets you have. Whatever the case, it’s always best to pick a company that charges a fixed rate as you never know when you need their services. You wouldn’t want to be haggling with the cleaners every time you buy a new carpet.

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